Saturday, May 23, 2015

Big Day

I've been putting building my social media platform on the back burner.  Focusing more on building my writing skills, writing, making money at my day job to support my writing, and writing.

But that's all got to change now.

I just signed my first contract with The Wild Rose Press.  Super super excited! I'm finally going to be published. I'm going to have a real ISBN for my book, which people will be able to buy, and READ.  It'll be ebook primarily, with the ability to be printed on demand.

Now I've got to get my name out there, and, oh yeah, keep writing.

When I finally put my fingers to use typing away at my laptop computer, creating FICTION, I found what I was always meant to do.  Nothing makes me feel more...satisfied?  Real?  Hard to explain, though I should try to do a little better than THAT.  After all, I am a writer!!!  Anyway, I am a very lucky woman because I found that thing I was meant for.  The hard part is wanting to succeed.  Not to be famous, not to be rich (though getting paid to do this would be absolutely fantastic) but to be acknowledged as a damned fine writer whose works people love to read.

Writers want to be read!  At least this writer does.

So I'm going to build my brand.

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