Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday, because it's all about being grateful. At any given time, I can think of so many things to be thankful for--and so many things to gripe about.
Did you ever notice how easy it is to complain, even in the privacy of your own thoughts? And did you ever notice how we have to remind ourselves to count our blessings?
When reminded to be grateful, people always say, "Oh, I am!"
And that person means it, I'm sure, because he/she does try to count his/her blessings. But...on those days it comes naturally, on those days we are actually living in the bubble of our gratefulness, we are the happiest.
With gratitude comes a sense of well being. Usually.
SO I'm happy for a day to be reminded to give thanks.
I am thankful for my puppies. For my relationship with God. For my sisters. For the fact my mom is still alive and knows how much we love her.
I am grateful we started having brunch together once a month and that tradition has lasted over 6 years.
I am grateful for my step daughter, who allowed me to be a mother when I would not have had that joy otherwise.
I am grateful for my brother in law who has added so much to this family.
I am grateful for my day job where I met so many wonderful friends. I am grateful for my friends!
I am grateful for my writing, for the joy it brings me.
I am grateful for being published.
I am grateful for my house and my health and my prosperity. Grateful the Lord has always taken care of me.
I could go on, and I will, but in the silence of my thoughts.

The nice thing about having a blog no one is subscribed to is you get to go on a personal tangent like this one whenever you want. So I won't say I'm grateful my blog has no followers, but I am grateful for the ability to speak from my heart.

To all the world, Happy Thanksgiving! May everyone truly embrace the spirit of the holiday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chasing a balanced life, or what my lack of blogs says about my current situation

I really don't mean to be the worst blogger in history, as in so slow to post a blog it's not worth checking my blog page! But life happens, ya know?
I'm loving what is happening in my career. Finally published after years of writing, writing, and more writing!
The writing was never a chore, but the dashed hopes at times hurt. Caused setbacks.
And still I strove to be better, write faster, more gripping and exciting books.
After all these years of honing my craft and I'm more determined than ever to be an author people love to read. I still dream of being a best-selling author.
The best-selling part, well, that takes being a great writer, but it also takes promo work. It takes getting my name out there and letting folks know me. That takes TIME.
I have known for a long, long time, sooner than my time, you might say, how valuable a commodity time is. I've doled my time out to this, that, and him, and her, always striving for balance. Always trying to keep in mind PEOPLE must always come first, (and puppies) then my art, and then the minutiae of life--which includes work and bills and yard work.
Balance is hard!
And sometimes it's down right impossible.
Like now.
Here it is. My mom is sick. Cancer sick. FIGHTING cancer sick, and I need to be there for her. I love her and hate to see her suffering and need to do what I can to keep that from happening. It's hard to stay ahead of that monster. She has suffered, in spite of my best efforts.
Hospice companies are not all the same. :-( I swear the first company we had her with almost killed her.
People you hire to do her laundry don't show up.
She gets a chest cold and you worry she's going to get an infection and die.
She stops eating because she's not hungry so you cook and run food by in the hopes of tempting her to eat.
You take her little dog to live with your dogs, and thus initiate a new member into the BDC (black dog club).
So my life is out of balance.
I have an edit due my editor for my upcoming release, THE TROUBLE WITH TIGERS, promo work--as in interviews and guest blogs, tweets, posting to fellow writers blogs and posts, Facebook posts, THIS (blogging). My website is a wreck thanks to the fact I tried to update it, but it's really my mom who is the master-mind behind its design and she currently has double vision...:-(
I have two WIPs (works-in-progress) that are more like distant memories. I have to do the day job that actually pays the bills and feeds my puppies. I have to clean, and jog, and sleep. I have to see friends and visit sick friends, and visit sick friends in hospital. And friends are getting the short end of the stick, darn it.
My BIBLE study, which I was so excited about rejoining has taken the hardest hit.
I'm bummed for a multitude of reasons, and feeling a wee bit behind--and I am sooo not a procrastinator.  But I'm also excited about my career (my writing career!!) finally taking off, and some interesting developments in my love life involving an old flame....
So that is my blog for today after such a long break.
Is anyone reading? lol. If not, has that ever stopped me from writing in the past? No.
Because I am a writer. It's what I do.