Friday, December 18, 2015

Writing brings my travels to life...I hope :-)

Excited to be going out to Colorado to see the snow and do some research into one of my future books. This trip I’m heading to Steamboat Springs, a ski resort town boasting great terrain, lavish homes, and a real town filled with locals and everything. I’ve bee to Steamboat many times but never with an eye to researching a book. I guess that makes it a lucky thing (did I really just say that?) that a recent surgery makes it impossible for me to ski this year. That means I’ll be the one buying the groceries, planning dinner, and most importantly procuring the apres ski table-in-the-sun slope side. One by one members of may family will join me after they’ve skied their last runs for some live music, nachos, and well-earned ice-cold beers. I’ve promised not to be too much of a jerk. :-) (I love to ski and I might be a tad jealous of all the fun they’re going to have.) At least while they’re skiing and burning calories I’ll be doing my favorite thing in the world—writing love stories. making up awesome characters, and creating a world a reader can close her eyes and enter at will.