Sunday, October 9, 2016

More music that inspires

I have a CD by Saving Abel (if anyone remembers that ultra sexy song "Addicted" that's them)
I love their piano ballad, for which they unfortunately did not record a video. However I did find it performed acoustically by them. Beautiful Day, Acoustic

I love to run to music, as I've said maybe a million times, and doing so often proves fruitful to my writing. Today did happen to be a beautiful day on the cusp of a hurricane which passed over the area. I was running. I was listening. Saving Abel's Beautiful Day came on and it just hits one of those chords in me. It's not as if I have a distant memory of a scene like the one depicted in the song, but I can relate on an emotional level.

My take: Guy wakes up next to his lover. Fairly new relationship. She's laying there crying. Fear. Been hurt before. Overwhelming emotions. Love. And he says to her, he can't stand to see her cry, to see the look in her eyes, and reminds her it's a beautiful day (as in a new day--and full go hope and bright things)...Toward the end of the ballad, he tells her there's no reason to fear because his feelings mirror hers. It's a beautiful song for lovers. Very romantic. Good for this romance writer's soul. :-) Enjoy!